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Registration Open Now!

Use our online registration link!

No payment is required immediately upon registration.


Ganainu (Pre-K, 1 program/month, 1 child accompanied by 1 adult): $180
Kindergarten : $450
1st- 2nd Grade: $500 (includes 1-on-1 Hebrew Tutoring 1x/week)

3rd - 7th Grade (includes 1-on-1 Hebrew Tutoring 1x/week): $680

Affiliated families registering for CRS must be members in good standing of Congregation Shir Shalom, Temple Beth Tzedek, or Temple Beth Zion, as per the membership rules of that congregation. You will be billed for tuition by your respective congregation.

Unaffiliated Families registering for CRS will be billed for double tuition by Congregation Shir Shalom. Thank you!

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