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Curriculum Overview


CRS Students will learn about the stages of the life cycle, and the Jewish traditions, rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations used to mark each stage. Students will research and document life cycle events that have taken place in their own families. Active learning via guest speakers, drama, field trips, interviews, oral presentations, and art projects will be emphasized


Students will become living examples of their connection with the mitzvot as commandments and as spiritual obligations consistent with their understanding of Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist Judaism.


We will study of the five books of the Torah, spanning from Genesis through Deuteronomy. This subject will provide our students with an overview of our people’s incredible and rich history from its very beginning until their entry into the Promised Land under the leadership of Joshua. Students explore the lives of our Matriarchs, Patriarchs and other great leaders (i.e. Moses, Miriam etc…) who helped form us into the Jewish Nation.  In addition, students will survey some texts from the books of Prophets and writings as they progress through their studies.


The Jewish calendar affords us with opportunities throughout the year to celebrate, commemorate, and reflect deeply on the many layers of our lives as we gather together as families and community to celebrate our many Jewish holidays.  CRS students will learn the history, traditions, blessings, tastes, sights, and songs of our holidays. They will have opportunities to share their own family traditions with their classmates and maybe bring new traditions to their own celebrations.


Our students will learn the history of the land of Israel, how it is the epicenter of importance to so many
faiths, and how it became a home for the Jewish people. Israel is a true melting pot. Explore diversity in Israel from Arab Israelis to Ethiopian Jews. They will learn about the peace process through the years, the relationship between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and what it is like to serve in the IDF. They will learn how Israel became a start-up nation, how they manage to bloom the desert, and what innovations Israel brought to the whole world.


Students in grades 1 through 7 learn Hebrew one-on-one remotely.  Hebrew alphabet, vowels and decoding reinforce the reading of prayers.  Prayer vocabulary and main ideas will be explored in the private lessons, as well as during T'fillah Time with Rabbis during Religious School.  The goal is for students to learn to become prayerful Jews with an understanding of their own personal relationship with G-d.

Art and music are incorporated throughout the curriculum with specific art projects for each grade.  Students will have the opportunity to join the CRS makhela- choir, and perform at community-wide programs!


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